Haibane Renmei Episode 1 English Dub

March 26, 2013

A girl dreams that she is gently falling through the sky, and that a bird is trying to save her. Later, she wakes up inside a giant cocoon. Upon breaking out, she is tended to by a group of winged and haloed people who introduce themselves as Haibane. They name her “Rakka,” which means “falling,” based on her dream. Like her, none of them can remember anything before being born from cocoons into this world, and all are named after their own dreams: Reki, Kana, Nemu, Hikari, and Kuu. They give Rakka a newly-forged halo, which slides away from her head and must be temporarily strapped on, then leave for the night. One, Reki, stays behind to help Rakka through the ordeal of growing her wings. After they erupt painfully from her back, Rakka sleeps while Reki cleans the blood from her feathers.