Hachimitsu to Clover II Episode 4 English Dub

November 19, 2013

The art exhibition has begun again. Professor Hanamoto thinks back to when Hagu decided not to submit her paintings in the previous art exhibition. Professor Hanamoto tells Hagu of when he went to an art exhibition and purchased a postcard of a painting of the moonlight reflected on the sea. It reminded him of how Rika's husband died and how Rika got severely injured on the beach under the moonlight. Professor Hanamoto reminisces about his feelings for Rika. Mayama goes on a train with Rika to Sapporo, surprising her. After they both take a shower, they both go to sleep for the night. Once they have arrived, Mayama and Rika drive north to a barren land. Rika visits her father's gravestone, then she visits her dog's gravestone. She thanks Mayama for coming with her to Sapporo. Rika tries to sneak out of the hotel, making Mayama angry, but then he begins to sob, not wanting to lose sight of her. Mayama goes on an airplane back to Tokyo, while Rika goes on an airplane to Spain. At the Harada Design Office, Mayama noticed that the hotel room in Spain had two bedrooms, one for Mayama and one for Rika.