Hachimitsu to Clover II Episode 7 English Sub

November 19, 2013

Kaoru thinks about his father again. In a laboratory, his father shows one of his employees an invention, only to be disappointed at his reaction. Kaoru then thinks back to when Morita made a remote-controlled airplane, and their father was very proud of Morita. It is revealed that their father cares more for Morita than for Kaoru. Their uncle, their father's business partner, tells Kaoru than the father is very much like Morita, reckless and eccentric. Their uncle was diagnosed with a disease, restricting him from working. The uncle stops working alongside the father. Instead, he joins with another business, Floyd Electric. Floyd Electric comes to the laboratory to see the father. The father knew already that the uncle betrayed him. The uncle tells the father about his disease, and that if he were to die, all the rights to his money goes to Floyd Electric, not the father. Morita, Kaoru, and their father leaves the laboratory after all this. Morita wakes up from a dream of how Kaoru envied Morita and his father. A windstorm whooshes on the campus grounds during the art exhibition, and something unexpected happens.