Hachimitsu to Clover II Episode 9 English Sub

November 19, 2013

Kaoru explains his jealousy of Morita, and Morita questions Kaoru's jealousy. Professor Hanamoto tells Takemoto and Yamada that Hagu isn't doing so well. She waiting a very long time to be able to have feeling in her right hand, since it was numb after her surgery. Professor Hanamoto then tells them that Hagu might suffer sensory impairments in her right hand for the rest of her life, and that she might not be able to paint anymore. Yamada tells Nomiya that she would want a cell phone in order to contact Hagu during her stay at the hospital. Yamada sews a sweater for Hagu, and then visits her in the hospital. Professor Hanamoto meets with the physical therapist, as she gives him instructions to massage Hagu's stiff upper body. Takemoto and Yamada go to a garden to pick flowers for Hagu, and they visit her again. Professor Hanamoto tells Takemoto and Yamada that Hagu will gain her sense of feeling over time, however he says to them that they should be concentrating on their lives, and not Hagu's. Takemoto is worried to leave Hagu after graduation, because he doesn't want to see her in pain and suffering. He wants to be able to help Hagu recover, but he is struggling to decide whether to help her or leave her.