Hachimitsu to Clover II Episode 10 English Sub

November 19, 2013

Yamada visits Hagu again, but Professor Hanamoto took Hagu to do a contrast bath therapy session after her physical therapy session. The physical therapist tells Yamada that Hagu is strong person, never giving up because of feeling pain. However, it is possible that Hagu may never be able to paint again, due to her condition. In Spain, Mayama goes out of his way to prevent the Spanish architect from seeing Rika. Morita, unexpectedly returns to go see Hagu, very worried about her condition. A jealous Takemoto accidentally injures himself when he finds out that Yamada caused Morita to return. Borrowing Yamada's bicycle, he quickly rides to the hospital. Professor Hanamoto tests Hagu's level of pain in her right hand. She doesn't cry like other children would, however Professor Hanamoto tells that it is alright to cry. Hagu reminds herself that drawing was a part of her life. Later, Takemoto arrives and finds Professor Hanamoto to ask where Hagu is. After Professor Hanamoto was uncertain, Takemoto determined that Morita took her with him. At his place, Morita tries to comfort Hagu, kissing her. Meanwhile, Professor Hanamoto tells Takemoto that he will take a break from teaching. Takemoto wonders if Hagu will be with Morita, but Professor Hanamoto ignores him, making his way back to the hospital.